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August 13 Sale Update

Greetings everyone,

The end is near! Sunday, August 16th, will be Rentertainment's last official day of business. We'll be open from noon to 5:00 selling DVDs and BluRay discs, and then we'll start packing up, tearing down shelving and moving out. Here are the latest updates on the sale...

Price Drop 8: ...and the Mystery of Mew -- All DVDs and BluRays are now just $3.95/ea (unless otherwise marked, of course). Judging from the shelves and drawers, it looks like about half our inventory in gone. On the bright side, that means there are still about 20,000 films in the store for you to dig through! Every day people bring up stuff I cannot believe hasn't sold yet -- and a few things I wish I had grabbed for myself. Needless to say, there are still lots of bargains to be had. And, at just $3.95 each, I imagine the selection will start getting slimmer by the hour.

(Another) Classical Record price drop! We're dropping the price on all the classical records to just $2/ea, multi-disc sets are just $3/set. I'm guessing we're down to about 1,000 LPs in the bins (and the bins below the bins). Since dropping the DVD/BR price to $3.95/ea yesterday, the opera, performing arts and classic musicals collection is shrinking rapidly, too. Better hurry in if there's something you're looking for. And, don't forget, 25% of the money from record sales will be going to WILL AM-FM-TV/Illinois Public Media!

Have a great week...

Geoff (and all the other Rentertarians)

P.S. Did you know these e-mails are archived on our web site? If you want to refer to any of them, go here.


That's Rentertainment - 516 E John Street (at the corner of 6th), Champaign, IL 61820 - (217) 384-0977

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