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Whether you are a novice cyclist or an experienced pro, you will get results by using these workouts.

Introductory level Spinervals Fitness videos are great for beginning cyclists who want a great interval workout that won't leave them too tired to enjoy the rest of the day! Train with Coach Troy and his guest athletes during these challenging but moderate intensity interval sessions.

We also recommend these videos for more advanced cyclists during lower intensity and recovery oriented training days.

1.0 Ride Strong
40 Minute Interval Session
Low-intensity session with Team Clydesdale
2.0 Sweating Buckets
45 Minute Calorie Burning Workout
3.0 Enter the RED ZONE
58 Minute Interval Workout
Challenging but fun "red zone" anaerobic training session
4.0 Lean and Mean
50 Minute Interval Session
The ultimate combination of calorie burning with muscle sculpting
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