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Spinervals Competition DVD Series
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21.0 Aero Base Builer IV
70 Minute Aerobic Workout
Train your Aerobic Base with over 95 Cyclists from Ft Wayne, Indiana!
22.0 Time Trialapalooza
80 Minute Time Trial Workout
Increase your Anaerobic Threshold while measuring Power
23.0 Time Saver I
Short on Time?
Train with 200 Athletes from Minnesota to these 30 minute workouts!
Workout 'A' - Technique
Workout 'B' - Tempo / TT
Workout 'C' - Power / Sprint
24.0 HILLacious w/Great Harvest Bread Co.
60 Minute Hill Workout
Learn to climb as if you have HELIUM in your tires!
25.0 Aero Base Builder V - The Compilation
2 Hour Aerobic Workout
A combination of the BEST of Aero Base Builders I thru IV

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