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Urbana-Champaign's Best Independent DVD Rental store
(locally owned and operated since 1985)

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That's Rentertainment Hours, Rental Information, and other useful info...
Our Regular Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
10 am - 9 pm
10 am - 10 pm
11 am - 10 pm
Noon - 9 pm
Our Summer and Holiday Break Hours
Monday - Thursday
11 am - 8 pm
Friday - Saturday
11 am - 10 pm
Noon - 8 pm
Notes about hours: We are open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.We close early (at 8:00pm) on Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and open late (at noon) the day after Christmas and on New Years Day. We also close early (at 8:00pm) on the 4th of July so everyone can go to the fireworks. Fun!
When in doubt -- please give us a call: 217-384-0977
Free Membership
Getting a membership from That's Rentertainment is easy. Just bring in any two of the following forms of identification (at least 1 must be a federally or state-issued photo ID):
• Driver's License (or State ID)
• Student/Faculty/Staff (must have photo)
• Passport
• Military ID
• Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover)

DVD rental rates

• New DVDs/BluRay $2.50/overnight
• Old DVDs/BluRay $2.50/three nights
• Rent any 3 DVDs/BluRay for only $6.00
• each additional night $1.00 per movie
(Note #1: All rentals due by 6:00pm on the day due - new relases 1 day, older films 3 days)
(Note #2: If you own a Block -- all rentals are for 3 days and are due at 9:00pm)

Renter-Blocks (more info) -- good for any DVDs or BluRay discs

Pre-pay and save big!! (and keep your movies longer)
• Value-Meal-Renter-Blocks (15 rentals)
• Big Grab-Renter-Blocks (40 rentals)
• Super-Size-Renter-Blocks (100 rentals)
(Note: If you own a Block -- all rentals are for 3 days and are due at 9:00pm)
Daily Deals (Our very own value menu) -- these deals are for DVDs and BluRay...
• Monday Foreign/Independent/GLBT 1/2 price at $1.25
• Tuesday Classics/Westerns/Sports/Doc 1/2 price at $1.25
• Wednesday TV stuff 1/2 price at $1.25
• Thursday Horror/Science-Fiction/B-Movies 1/2 price at $1.25
• Friday Rent any 3 dvds for .....$6.00
• Saturday Rent any 3 dvds for .....$6.00
• Sunday Animate/Anime/Music 1/2 price at $1.25
More Screaming deals from Renterland

• Every (any) day: Rent any 3 DVDs for only $6.00 (over a billion combinations possible!!!)
• All DVDs under an hour long rent for $1.00

All rentals are due by 6:00 pm on the due date
(each extra evening for DVDs only costs $1.00 per DVD)
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