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Even though Rentertainment is closed,
we are still selling Red Green Gear until it's gone!

That's Rentertainment's Red Green Show page...
Red Green!

Blame us for

The Red Green Show

Note: We cannot ship outside the United States. For orders shipping to destinations other than the United States please visit the Official Red Green page.

We accept credit card, debit card and bank payments safely and easily through PayPal

Red Green Show Best Sellers!

Red Green Suspenders
(New Design)

Red Green Suspenders
(old design)

Official Red Green Suspenders

Only a few of the regular size left (no more Big & Tall) -- hopefully we'll get more some day...

These are high quality Perry Brand suspenders! They are slightly different than the ones Red wears but they are the "official" ones supplied to us by the good folks at the Red Green Show. The Red Green Possum Lodge logo is stamped into the leather -- just like Red would want it!

NOTE: The folks at the Red Green show have re-designed these suspenders a bit. Instead of the metal clasp at the end of each strap there are now plastic bits that hook onto your belt. They are now on official looking hang tags instead of packaged in a cheap plastic bag, too.

Red Green patch

Possum Lodge Crest
Embroidered Patch $6.00

Out of stock...
... and it doesn't look like they are made any more

From Red Green: " The Lodge crest is the core defining talisman for Possum Lodge. To be a member of the International Possum Brotherhood is one thing but to be a member of Chapter 11 is an honour that outshines any forensic audit. Containing the Possum Lodge oath `Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati` (When all else fails, play dead) and being of a shape and size that makes it suitable for sewing onto your fishing vest, prison smock, or straight-jacket, the Lodge Crest is a must-have for any Lodge member who`s committed or should be." Pocket size (approx 4" x 3") Embroidered Patch.

Note: If all you are buying is a patch there will be no shipping charge.

Lapel Pin Red Green Show Lapel Pin
Pin $5.00

From Red Green: "This is a brand new item and we’re excited about it. This Lodge Lapel Pin is a beauty. And what a subtle way to say I’m probably not as sophisticated as I look. Pin it to your shirt or hat or leisure suit to send a clear message that there’s a new Sheriff in town and there’s no chance it’s you."
Approx 1/2" round

Note: If all you are buying is a lapel pin there will be no shipping charge.

Red Green Show hat and t-shirts...

Red Green Carpe Ductum T-Shirt Carpe Ductum (Seize the Tape) T-Shirt
printed on one side $18.00
Note: We only have size Large left!

Red Green Handsome Handyman T-Shirt "If The Women Don't Find You Handsome, They Should At Least Find You Handy" T-Shirt
printed on one side -- Medium, Large, or X-Large $18.00
Note: We only have size Medium left!
Red Green suspender shirt Suspender T-Shirt
printed on both sides -- 6/8, 14/16 (that's like a small), Medium, Large, X-Large or 2XL $18.00
Note: we are currently out of X-Large shirts -- hopefully we'll get more soon!

Red Green Show Books and pamphlets...

We're All in this Together

We're All in this Together (hardback)


Based on four years of interviews with Steve, this unconventional biography reveals the personal stories, sorrows and joys that continue to inspire the man behind the Red Green legacy. (331 pages)

Other Red Green Show gear you can't live without...

Red Green "Bill" Bobblehead Bill Bobble Head

Hand painted bobble head doll

Want to see some Red Green that we no longer have? Check it all out here!

Postage is $4.50 for any size order (in the US). Sorry, we cannot ship to other countries. If you are in Canada you can order straight from the man himself.
Ask us a questionFA(RG)Q (Frequently Asked Red Green Questions)
Visit the Official Red Green Website.
(It's more fun than a staple through your thumb...)
The Red Green Show airs locally on WILL-TV Channel 12 Saturdays (2 episodes) from 10:00pm to 10:45pm WILL TV 12

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