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A Love to Die for... Dysfunctional Valentines
True Romance

Scott’s picks of anti-Valentines’ films…
dysfunctional, head-slapping tough,
probably wrong, possibly fatal
… love.

27 Dresses
50 First Dates
500 Days of Summer
American Psycho (General) ...he loves himself!
Artist, the
Big Bad Love
Bonnie and Clyde (General)
Bound (GLBT)
Bubble Boy
Butterfly Kiss
Criss Cross (FNR)
Dan in Real Life
Date Night
Deep Crimson (Mexico/CSA)
Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry
Double Indemnity (FNR)
Even Hitler had a Girlfriend (sadly, not available on DVD)
Excess Baggage (General)
Fairy, the
Getaway (Both versions - Classic & General)
Graduate, the (General)
Gun Crazy (Both versions - FNR & General)
Happily Ever After (… and They Lived...) (France)
Harold and Maude (Comedy)
Heathers (AIF)
Heavenly Creatures (Australia)
High Fidelity
Honeymoon Killers
House of Yes
Intolerable Cuelty (General)
Kalifornia (General)
Kiss or Kill (Australia)
Lars and the Real Girl (AIF)
Let the Right One In (Sweden)
Lolita (Both versions - Britain & General)
Lost in Translation
Love & a .45 (General)
Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Music & Lyrics
Natural Born Killers (General)
Odd Man Out (FNR)
Out of the Past (FNR)
Pulp Fiction (opening and ending sequences w/Honeybear) (General)
Punch Drunk Love
Purple Noon
Romance & Cigarettes
Savages (2012)
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Sharkskin Man and Peachhip Girl
Sharky’s Machine
Shaun of the Dead
Sister My Sister (Britain)
Sugarland Express (General)
Thieves Like Us (General)
Too Young to Die (General)
True Romance (General)
Twilight (yes…that craptacular series)
Wild at Heart (General)
Wild Things (General)
Youth in Revolt
Zero Effect
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