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HEIST FILMS: Generally speaking, heists gone wrong!
All the President's Men Thief Dog Day Afternoon

All the President’s Men (General)
Blood & Wine (General)
Bottle Rockets (Comedy)
City on Fire (China/HK)
Dead Presidents (General)
Disorganized Crime (Comedy)
Dog Day Afternoon (General)
Doom Generation (General)
Family Business (General)
Getaway (2 Versions: 1972 & 1993) (General)
Go (Comedy)
Heat (95) (General)
How to Steal a Million (1966) (Classic)
Killing, The (Film Noir)
Killing Zoe (General)
Lavender Hill Mob (Classic)
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (Britain)
Love & A .45 (General)
Normal Life (General)
Once a Thief (China/HK)
One False Move (General)
Palookaville (Comedy)
Pulp Fiction (General)
Quick Change (Comedy)
Raising Arizona (Comedy)
Reservoir Dogs (General) see City on Fire first(China/HK)
Runaway Train (General)
Set It Off (General)
Silent Partner (1978) (Canada)
Small Time Crooks (Woody Allen)
Sneakers (General)
Thief (General)
Things to do in Denver when You are Dead (General)
Three Fugitives (Comedy)
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (General)
Usual Suspects (General)
U-Turn (General)
Wild Bunch (Western)
Way of the Gun (General)

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