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Women Directors! Check-out this sample listing of Women Directors (+ 1 film we recommend)!
Susana Amarai - Hour of the Star (Brazil/Central-South America/Spain)
Allison Anders - Mi Vida Loca (AIF)
Lindsay Anderson - If... (Britain)
Sarah Pia Anderson - Prime Suspect 4:2 Inner Circles (Britain)
Robin Armstrong - Pastime (General)
Maria-Luisa Bemberg - Camila (Argentina/CSA/Spain)/I, The Worst of All (Mexico - G&L)
Kathryn Bigelow - Strange Days (Sci-Fi)
Lizzie Borden - Born in Flames (General)/Working Girls (AIF)
Jane Campion - Piano (Australia)
Joan Chen - Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl (China/Hong Kong)
Ayoka Chenzira - Alma’s Rainbow (Comedy)
Joyce Chopra - Lemon Sisters, The (Comedy)
Stacy Cochran - My New Gun (Comedy)
Nicole Conn - Claire of the Moon (General)
Martha Coolidge - Valley Girl (Comedy)
Sophia Coppola - Virgin Suicides (General)
Julie Dash - Daughters of the Dust (AIF)
Donna Deitsch - Women of Brewster Place (General)
Claire Denis - Chocolat (France)
Sara Driver - Sleepwalk (General)
Jody Foster - Little Man Tate (General)
Marita Giovanni - Bar Girls (G&L)
Leslie Harris - Just Another Girl on the IRT (General)
Amy Heckerling - Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Comedy)
Mary Herron - I Shot Andy Warhol (AIF) -
Lynn Hershman Leeson - Conceiving Ada (AIF)
Ann Hui - Song of the Exile (China/Hong Kong)
Diane Keaton - Unstrung Heroes (General)
Barbara Kopple - Harlan County, USA (Documentary)
Diane Kurys - Entre Nous (France)
Clara Law - Autumn Moon & Temptation of a Monk (China/Hong Kong)
Jennifer Lynch - Boxing Helena (General)
Penny Marshall - Awakenings (General)
Heather MacDonald - Ballot Measure 9 (AIF)
Marta Meszaros - Adoption (Hungary-International Miscellaneous)
Freida Lee Mock - Maya Lin (Documentary)
Sarah Moon - Lumiere & Co (France)
Mira Nair - Mississippi Masala (AIF)
Maria Novaro - Danzon (Mexico/Central-South America/Spain)
Jan Oxenberg - Thank You & Goodnight (Comedy)
Evelyn Purcell - Nobody’s Fool (Comedy)
Leni Riefenstahl - Triumph of the Will (General)
Nancy Savoca & Cher - If These Walls Could Talk (General)
Suzanne Schiffman - Sorceress (France)
Susan Seidelman - Desperately Seeking Susan (Comedy)
Mina Shum - Double Happiness (Comedy)
Penelope Spheeris - Decline of Western Civilization, Part I & II (Music)
Shirley Sun - Iron & Silk (General)
Fina Torres - Celestial Clockwork (G&L)
Rose Troche - Go Fish (G&L)
Lina Wertmuller - Seven Beauties (AIF)
Anne Wheeler - Better Than Chocolate (Comedy)
Pedro Almodóvar
The most internationally acclaimed Spanish filmmaker since Luis Brunüel! Unable to study at Spain’s filmmaking schools because he didn’t have the money and the fact that the schools were eventually shutdown by the Franco government, Pedro experimented on his own with a Super 8 camera. His early films aided in his rise as the star of the counter-pop-culture movement in late 70’s Madrid. The “Almodóvar Phenomenon” has consequentlly reached all over the world… even Urbana-Champaign! Experience it for yourself… rent them all tonight!!
- Bad Education (2004)
- Talk to Her (2002)
- All About My Mother (1999)
- Live Flesh (1998)
- Flower of My Secret (1996)
- Kika (1994)
- High Heels (1990)
- Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (1990)
- Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988)
- Law of Desire (1987)
- Matador (1986)
- What Have I Done To Deserve This? (1985)
- Dark Habits (1984)
- Labyrinth of Passion (1982)
- Pepi, Luci, Bon and Other Girls (1980)
(read more about Almadovar and his films on
Albert Brooks: Actor, Director… all around Funny Guy (in order of appearance)
Taxi Driver (Comedy)
Real Life (Comedy)
Private Benjamin (Comedy)
Modern Romance (Comedy)
Twilight Zone: The Movie (Sci-Fi)
Lost in America (Comedy)
Broadcast News (General)
Defending Your Life (Comedy)
I’ll Do Anything (Comedy)
Scout, The (Comedy)
Mother (Comedy)
Muse, The (Comedy)
Films of Dennis Potter
Explore consciousness and memory through the innovative and lyrical movies of the talented Mr. Potter.
Brimstone and Treacle (Britain)
Dreamchild (General)
Gorky Park (General)
Lipstick on Your Collar (Britain)
Pennies from Heaven (General)
The Singing Detective (Britain)
Track 29 (General)
Films by Roger Corman, master of Horror.
Watch them all and consider yourself an honorary Igor!
The Day the World Ended
The Wasp Woman
The Fall of the House of Usher
Little Shop of Horrors
The Pit and the Pendulum
Premature Burial
Tales of Terror
Tower of London
The Haunted Palace
The Raven
The Terror
Masque of the Red Death
Films from John Ford
John ford directed almost 150 movies during his illustrius career. Here are a few of them:
Fort Apache
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
The Searchers
Two Rode Together
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
How the West was Won
(read more about John Ford and his films on
What can we say about Hitchcock that hasn’t already been said? He’s good enough to get his own section at That's Rentertainment (Woody Allen being the only other director with his own section), so make it a “Good Evening” and pick up some Hitchcock (always a dollar on Monday!). There are a lot -- so check off the list as you go along.
39 Steps
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (3 volumes)
Dial M for Murder
Easy Virtue
Family Plot
Farmer’s Wife
Foreign Correspondent
I Confess
Jamaica Inn
Juno and the Paycock
Lady Vanishes
Man Who Knew Too Much
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
North by Northwest
Number 17
Paradine Case
Psycho Rear Window
Rich & Strange
Secret Agent
Secret Agent
Shadow of a Doubt
Skin Game
Stage Fright
Strangers on a Train
To Catch a Thief
Torn Curtain
Trouble w/Harry
Under Capricorn
Vintage Hitchcock
Wrong Man
Young and Innocent
If you haven’t seen any of Wong Kar-Wai’s work then check out the cutting edge of cinema with the following films and get in the know!
Ashes of Time - Absolute attention is a must for this ingeniously arranged and beautifully filmed story of a lone swordsman isolated in the desert as he becomes ironically involved with the life stories of several strangers that he encounters.
Happy Together - Marvelous acting and incredible camera-work bring us the intense tale of a gay couple living in Brazil to escape criticism in Hong Kong. Intensity builds as the heartbroken man (Tony Leung) attempts to turn away his wayward and harsh companion (Leslie Cheung).
Days of Being Wild - The first in Wong Kar-Wai’s trilogy is concerned with intertwining strangers and lonely love. The poetic movement of the film gives it an aura of decadence, despair, and hope.
Chunking Express - The second of the trilogy. This film highlights brief encounters and “almost romances” with its humorous energetic movement and fun soundtrack. All combining to create a witty up-beat style that is distinctively Wong Kar-Wai.
Fallen Angels - The final and most innovative of the trilogy. A combination of bizarre camera movement, colors, and music create an unforgettably haunting and beautiful tale of lonely people whose paths cross but do not meet.
“Beat” Takeshi Kitano
Date of birth (location) 18 January 1948 (Tokyo, Japan)
Nickname: Take-chan
Trade mark: Short quick bursts of violence.
He is credited as “Beat Takeshi” as an actor, and credited as “Kitano Takeshi” as a director.
Kitano’s original career choice of engineering was derailed when he was kicked out of school for rebellious behavior. He proceeded to learn comedy, singing and dancing from the famous comedian Senzaburo Fukami and while working as a liftboy at a comedy/strip club, he got his big break when the comedian originally scheduled to perform fell ill. Shortly after Takeshi formed the comic duo, “The Two Beats” (his stage name Beat Takeshi comes from this), which became very popular on Japanese television. Kitano started his movie acting career in the gangster film, “Violent Cop”(1989). It was during the making of this film that Kitano also began to direct when the intended director fell ill. Immediately afterwards he set out to make a second gangster movie, “Boiling Point”(1990). In 1994, just after finishing “Getting Any”, Kitano was involved in a serious motor cycle accident. He barely survived, and in an effort to change his way of life he became a painter. In his movies this same cha nge can be seen as asethetics began to play a more crucial role. Movies such as “Fireworks (Hana-bi)”(1997) and “Kikujiro”(1999) are prime examples. The following is a filmography of Beat Takeshi, actor and Kitano Takeshi, director. View and enjoy!
As Actor: Beat
Kikujiro (1999) (Japan)
Violent Cop (1998) (Japan)
Fireworks (1997) (Japan)
Johnny Mnemonic (1995) (Sci-Fi)
Getting Any? (1994) - not available
Sonatine (1993) (Japan)
Boiling Point (1990) (Japan)
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983) (Britain)
As Director: Takeshi
Kikujiro (1999) (Japan)
Violent Cop (1998) (Japan)
Fireworks (1997) (Japan)
Kids Return (1996) (Japan) not available
Sonatine (1993) (Japan)
Scene at the Sea, A (1992) (Japan) Coming Soon!!
Boiling Point (1990) (Japan)
Scenes by The Sea: Life and Times of “Beat” Takeshi (Documentary)

The Films of Sergio Leone
A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
For a Few Dollars More (1965)
Good the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
My Name is Nobody (1973)
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Once upon a time in the West (1968)
A Fistful of Dynamite (1971) (not available, sorry!)

(read more about Sergio Leone and his films on

Dusan Makavejev
Yugoslav Dusan Makavejev, author of subversive, anarchical, and provocative cinema made some films that are considered brilliant. Filmed in the years of Yugoslav socialism, he made an impact on the West only at the start of the seventies with the courageous and disturbing WR (Wilhelm Reich): Mysteries of the Organism. With this revolutionary film Makavejev triggered a re-discovery of Reich’s work by new generations and a publishing boom of his books worldwide. Even today, the film is regarded as a masterpiece of subversive cinema. See his other films to find out more about the Man, the Myth, and the Director; a ‘globe trotter’ who is marked by non-conformity and experiences that are always new in different countries.
- Coca Cola Kid (Australia)
- Gorilla Bathes at Noon (Germany)
- Innocence Unprotected (Yugoslavia - International Miscellaneous)
- Love Affair (Yugoslavia - International Miscellaneous)
- Man Is Not a Bird (Yugoslavia - International Miscellaneous)
- Montenegro (Sweden)
- Night of Love (Yugoslavia - International Miscellaneous)
- Sweet Movie (Canada-France/International Miscellaneous)
- WR: Mysteries of the Organism (Yugoslavia - International Miscellaneous)
The Films of Ismal Merchant & James Ivory…
Autobiography of a Princess (Britian)
Bombay Talkie (India)
Bostonians (General)
Courtesans of Bombay (Britian)
Howard’s End (Britian)
Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie’s Pictures (Britian)
Jefferson in Paris (Britian)
Lumiere & Company (France)
Maurice (Britain-G&L)
Mr and Mrs Bridge (General)
Remains of the Day (Britian)
Room with a View (Britian)
Roseland (General)
Shakespear Wallah (India)
Slaves of New York (General)
Surviving Picasso (Britian)
Wild Party (General)
Hayao Miyazaki
“To enter the world of Hayao Miyazaki is to experience a kind of light-hearted enchantment that is unique in the world of animation. He doesn’t insist, he doesn’t underline, he doesn’t hammer his point home; he seduces us with his magic. And beneath the magic are pointed observations about human nature....” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
Castle of Cagliostro (Anime)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (Anime)
Memories of Yesterday (Anime)
My Neighbor Totoro (Anime)
Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind (Anime)
Sherlock Hound: Case Files 1 - 3 (Anime)
Princess Mononoke (Anime)
Warriors of Wind (Anime)
The films of Errol Morris!
One of the great documentary filmmakers and inventor of the "Interrotron," a device that allows interviewer and subject to look into each other's eyes while also staring directly into the camera lens. Each film is remarkable in its own way and well worth watching. A number of filmmakers today use Morris' techniques in making their documentaries.
A Brief History of Time (1991)
Dark Wind (1991)
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control (1997)
First Person: The Complete Series (TV, 2000)
Fog of War (2003)
Gates of Heaven (1980)
Mr. Death (1999)
The Thin Blue Line (1988)
Vernon, Florida (1981)
(read more about Morris and his films on
Films of the legendary Sam Peckinpah
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)
Convoy (1978)
Cross of Iron (1977)
Deadly Companions (1961)
Getaway (1972)
Junior Bonner (1972)
Killer Elite (1975)
Major Dundee (1965)
Osterman Weekend (1983)
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)
Ride the High Country (1962)
Straw Dogs (1971)
Wild Bunch (1969)
(read more about Peckinpah and his films on
Eric Rohmer’s Film Series
“What interests me is to show the connections that build up between beings, and the cinema is a marvelous means to sensing what passes between them.” -Eric Rohmer
Six Moral Tales
1962 - Girl at the Monceau Bakery & Suzanne’s Career (France)
1966 - La Collectionneuse (France)
1970 - My Night at Maud’s (France)
1970 - Claire’s Knee (most popular film) (France)
1972 - Chloe in the Afternoon (France)
Six Comedies and Proverbs
1980 - Aviator’s Wife (France)
1982 - Le Beau Marriage (France)
1983 - Pauline at the Beach (France)
1984 - Full Moon in Paris (France)
1986 - Summer (France)
1987 - Boyfriends and Girlfriends (France)
Tales of the Four Seasons
1990 - A Tale of Springtime (France)
1994 - A Tale of Winter (France)
1996 - A Summer’s Tale (France)
1999 - An Autumn Tale (France)
Lina Wertmuller: Italian Director Extraordinare
Born Arcangela Felice Assunta Wertmuller von Elgg Spanol von Braueich, Lina Wertmuller has been hailed and scorned for her shockingly overt themes of gender domination, subordination in role-reversals and glaring portrayals of the struggles of everyday life through political, societal, and moral filters. Wertmuller is also the first woman director ever nominated for an Oscar for an international film: “Seven Beauties.” Find out for yourself what makes Lina Wertmuller’s films bitingly comical and avant-garde. Available for rent in the Italy section. Bravo!!
The films of Lina Wertmuller:
Ciao, Professore! (1992)
Fernando and Carolina (1999)
A Joke of Destiny, Lying in Wait Around the Corner Like a Bandit (1983)
Love & Anarchy (1973)
Nymph (1996)
Seduction of Mimi (1972)
Seven Beauties (1975)
Sotto… Sotto (1984)
Summer Night, with Greek Profile, Almond Eyes & Scent of Basil (1986)
Swept Away (2002)
(Lina Wermuller also co-wrote “When Women had Tails” with Director Pasquale Festa Campanile)
(read more about Wertmuller and her films on
Brotherly Love: Take some time to watch the shared visions of the following dynamic duos:
Coen Brothers
Barton Fink (Comedy)
The Big Lebowski (Comedy)
Blood Simple (A.I.F)
Fargo (General)
Hudsucker Proxy (Comedy)
Miller’s Crossing (General)
Raising Arizona (Comedy)
Hughes Brothers
American Pimp (Documentary)
Dead Presidents (General)
Menace II Society (General)
Farrely Brothers
Dumb and Dumber (Comedy)
Kingpin (Comedy)
Outside Providence (Comedy)
There’s Something About Mary (Comedy)
Lumiere Brothers
The Lumiere Brothers’ First Films* (France)
Lumiere & Company* (France)
*Experimental Films
Wachowski Brothers
Bound (General)
The Matrix (Sci-Fi)
Maysles Brothers
Christo In Paris (Documentary)
Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter (Music)
Salesman (Documentary)
Sports Illustrated 1996 Swimsuit Video (Sports)
Here are some great films from two cool directors who have earned their way into the critics spotlight. Enjoy the films of Wayne Wang and Ang Lee!
Blue In the Face
Chan is Missing (General)
Chinese Box (General)
Combination Platter (AIF)
Dim Sum (AIF)
Double Happiness (Comedy)
Eat a Bowl of Tea (Comedy)
Golden Gate (General)
The Ice Storm (General)
Iron & Silk (General)
The Joy Luck Club (General)
The Laser Man (China/HongKong)
Living on Tokyo Time (Comedy)
Slam Dance (General)
Smoke (General)
They Call Me Bruce (Comedy)
Tokyo Pop (Comedy)
The Wedding Banquet (Taiwan/G&L)
A good horror film just can’t be beat. Check out this strange brew of Murder, Mayhem and Gore. But, try to remember - IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!!!
The imaginative films of George A. Romero:
Crazies, the
Dawn of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Monkey Shines
Night of the Living Dead
Season of the Witch
The Dark Half
Two Evil Eyes
The stylish films of Dario Argento:
Deep Red
Terror at the Opera
The Bird with Crystal Plumage
Two Evil Eyes
The Wes Craven gallery:
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Deadly Blessing
Deadly Friend
Hills Have Eyes 2
Hills Have Eyes
Last House on the Left
Serpent and the Rainbow
Summer of Fear
Swamp Thing
Vampire in Brooklyn
John Carpenter
Body Bags
Fog, the
In the Mouth of Madness
Prince of Darkness
The Thing
They Live
Village of the Damned
Next time... Zombies vs. Cannibals!
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