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Pledge to Buy Local: I pledge to make every effort to buy goods and services from locally owned businesses. If, for some reason, a locally owned business is not an option, I will look for locally owned franchises and/or nationally owned operations who I know support my community through public service or donations to local not-for-profits. By doing so, I can help keep the money I earn and spend in my community and support those who support me and those around me.
Think Globally, Act Locally
Do you seek out the interesting and different in life? Where do you eat? Where do you shop? Where do you meet your friends to hang out? If it isn’t a locally-owned business, you’re missing out on discovering the unique in Urbana-Champaign. Why settle for the “same” place you can find off any interstate? Why not check out the stuff that is owned by a real person who lives right here in town? Check out these places where you will find the little details that make life fun. Please support your locally owned businesses wherever you are.
Note: I have only listed locally owned non-franchise businesses (with a few exceptions). This is by no means a complete list. If you know of additions please e-mail them to me.
Amara Yoga and Arts Lincoln Square Mall 328-9642
Apple Dumpling (breakfast and lunch) 2014 N High Cross Road 344-0076
Armstrong Lumber Company 1705 E University 367-0731
Art Coop (art supplies) Lincoln Square Mall 352-4562
Art Mart (Gourmet food/supplies and fun stuff) Lincoln Square Mall 344-7979
Atties Bar & Grill (at Stone Creek) 2600 S Stone Creek Blvd 367-9876
Baker's Bikes (used bicycle sales/repairs) 1001 S Lynn Street 390-8254
Beads N Botanicals 117 North Broadway Ave 365-9355
Bent Bean Chocolates Lincoln Square  
Bikeworks (bicycle sales/repairs -- Bianchi Baby!) 1103 W Main 328-2001
Black Dog Smoke & Ale House 201 N Broadway 344-9334
Black Rock Pizza Co. (closed) Lincoln Square  
Boomerang's Bar & Grill 1309 E Washington 239-7264
Bread Company (restaurant) 706 S Goodwin 383-1007
B Spirits (liquor store) 306 W Main 344-9107
Bunny's Tavern 119 W Water 367-8175
Caffe Paradiso (Coffee, Lunch Stuff, Pastries) 801 South Lincoln 384-6066
Carter's Furniture 410 N Vine Street 367-4066
Cinema Gallery 120 W Main Street 367-3711
[co][lab] 206 W Main Street  
Collins Gas Station (the last locally owned gas station) 808 E Main Street
Common Ground Food Co-op Lincoln Square 352-3347
Corkscrew Wine Emporium Ltd 203 N Vine 337-7704
Courier Café (restaurant) 111 N Race 328-1811
Crane Alley 115 W Main St 384-7526
CU Potters 900 S Race St  
The Dancing Dog Eatery & Juicery 126 W Main St 552-1344
Durst Cycle & Fitness 1112 W University Ave 367-3600
Eclectic (Shared Space, artist co-op) 123 W Main Street 417-4407
El Toro (Mexican Restaurant) 1601 N Cunningham 344-7855
English Hedgerow (florist and bistro) 406 N Lincoln Ave(at University) 365-0055
Error Records 123 W Main St 600-7063
Flying Machine Coffee 208 W Main Street 493-1550
Frogs and Fairies (children's clothing) 2860 S Philo Road 267-6700
Glass Lake Studio 2908 E Main Street
The Great Impasta Lincoln Square  
Griggs Street Potters (closed) 305 W Griggs Street  
The Guitar Store/Corson Music 202 W Main Street 367-3898
Heartland Gallery (closed) 112 W Main Street  
Heel to Toe (shoes) 106 W Main 367-2880
Hickory River (formerly Longhorn Smokehouse) 1706 N Cunningham 337-1566
High Cross Studios 1101 N High Cross Road 367-6345
Hooey Batiks (batiked clothing, pillows and stuff)
Huaraches Moroleon (Mexican restaurant) (on yelp) 805 Philo Road 344-6772
H2O Salon & Spa 109 N Broadway 337-1480
International Galleries (posters & framing) 114 Lincoln Square Mall 328-2254
Iron Post (bar/venue) 120 S Race 337-POST
IttyBittyBikeShop 303 W Griggs Street 344-4070
Kennedy’s at Stone Creek (closed) 2560 S Stone Creek  
Klose Knit 311 W Springfield 344-2123
Kofusion (sushi, lunch/dinner) 701 S Gregory 954-1572
Lil Porgy’s Bar-B-Que 101 W University Ave 367-1018
Lincoln Bookbindery (custom book binding... cool!) 1601 N Coler 328-2613
Madeline's Gallery 122A W Main St  
Margaritas (Mexican restaurant) 1717 S Philo Rd 337-6919
Mas Amigos (Mexican Restaurant) 1106 W. University Ave 356-2100
Merry Ann's Diner (Campustown) 701 S Gregory  
Miko Steak/Sushi House 407 W University Ave 367-0822
Milos Restaurant 2870 S Philo 344-8946
Mirabelle Fine Pastry Inc (breads, pastries) 124 W Main 384-6460
The Morning Cup and More (closed) N Race Street  
Neutral Cycle Workshop 201 N Busey 773-217-0125
Parasol Records 303 W Griggs St 344-8609
Peter B’s (Auto Repair) 509 N Lierman 367-3821
Piato Cafe / Food Nanny Lincoln Square 344-9015
Pizza M 208 W Main 202-1919
Po' Boys BBQ & Pizza 202 E University 367-2255
Priceless Books 108 W Main 344-4037
Private Studios (Recording Studio) 705 Western 367-3530
Rainbow Garden (Chinese food) 202 E University 344-1888
Red Herring Restaurant (Vegetarian/Vegan, Lunch only) 1209 W Oregon  
Rose Bowl Tavern Ltd 106 N Race 367-7031
Sew Sassy (sewing/quilting stuff) Lincoln Square  
Siam Terrace (Thai food) 212 W Main Street 367-THAI
Silvercreek (restaurant) 402 N Race Street 328-3402
Sitara Inadian Restaurant & Lounge 114 S Race Street 344-6440
Skinny Girl Yogurt 202 E University Ave 607-1345
Station Theatre (live theatre) 223 N Broadway 384-4000
Strawberry Fields Natural Foods Market 306 W Springfield Ave 328-1655
Sylvia's Irish Inn (Bed & Beakfast) 312 W Green Street 979-1216
Tang Dynasty (Chinese food) Lincoln Square (South side) 384-0799
Timpone’s Restaurant (Italian food) 710 S Goodwin 344-7619
Tod & John's (closed -- now Black Dog) 201 N Broadway  
Urbana Garden (family dining) North Lincoln Ave (at I-74) 328-1514
V Picasso (closed) 214 W Main 328-0122
Wind, Water & Light (art gallery) Lincoln Square 344-2484
Wines at the Pines (closed) 2860 S Philo Road 607-0048
The Wooden Hanger (closed) 135 W Main 384-6009
Xinh Xinh Cafe 114 N Vine Street 337-7600
The Yoga Institute of Champaign-Urbana 407 W Springfield 344-YOGA
Acupunture & Chinese Herb Center 206 N Randolph 359-6364
Allure Salon 2907 W Springfield 355-3900
Amano's Pizza 1407 S Neil Street 344-9383
Alto Vineyards 4210 North Duncan Road 356-4784
Amandari Home Furnishings 113 N Walnut 359-6388
Amabr India 605 South Wright  
Am-Ko Oriental Foods & Gifts 101 E Springfield Ave 398-2922
Annapoorna (Indian grocery store) 505 S Neil Street 355-5215
Appearances (Beauty Salon) 512 E John 344-4949
April’s Country Florist 514 East John Street 328-0038
Aroma Cafe 118 N Neil 356-3200
Arrowhead Lanes (bowling) 1401 N McKinley Ave 352-5288
The Art Theater 126 W Church St 351-4562
Asian Taste (ramen, pho, etc) 502 E John St  
Bacaro 113 N Walnut 398-6982
Bee Active Toys Market Place Mall 351-3157
The Beef Stand 611 E Green St 607-1803
Bella Mia 2227 S Neil St 352-2222
Better Image (Film processing) 44 E University 352-0213
Big Grove Tavern 1 Main Street 239-3505
B. Lime, a green store 12 E Washington 359-5741
The Blind Pig Co. 120 N Market St 398-1532
The Blind Big Brewery 120 N Neil St 398-5133
Boltini (Bar/Lounge) 2111 N Neil 378-8001
Bombay Indian Grill (fast) 403 E Green 344-3380
Bombay Indian Grill (fancier) 302 S First 398-8400
Boneyard Pottery 403 Water Street 355-5610
Boombox Studios (Music Recording) 508 W Hill 898-6514
Brass Rail (tavern) 15 E University Ave 352-7512
Brian B Knox (jewelry) 117 East University 351-4915
Buttita's Famigla Ristorante 1201 S Neil St 355-8656
Cafe Kopi 109 N Walnut St 359-4266
Cafe Luna (fantastic lunch and dinner) 116 N Chestnut Street 344-1895
Carmon’s (Closed) 415 North Neil 352-5880
Carrie’s (second-hand stuff) 204 N Neil 352-3231
Casablanca Kabab House 623 E Green St 328-1600
Champagne Audio 505 S Neil 355-8828
Champaign Cycle 506 S Country Fair Dr 352-7600
Champaign Surplus 303 S Neil 356-4703
Checkered Moon 1731 W Kirby Ave (Old Farm) 403-0263
Cheese & Crackers 1715 W Kirby Ave (Old Farm) 615-8531
Circles Boutique (clothing/shoes) 114 N Neil 359-2195
Cocomero (frozen yogurt) 709 S Wright St 328-3888
Copasetic Consignments 204 N Neil 402-5541
Cowboy Monkey (Bar/Live Music) 6 Taylor Street 398-2688
Christopher's Fine Jewelry Design 124 N Neil 352-2415
Cream & Flutter (cafe w/cupcakes) 114 N Walnut St 355-5400
Curtis Orchards 3902 S Duncan Road 359-5565
C.V. Lloyd Music Center 102 S Neil 352-7031
Dandelion (Vintage Clothing Shop) 100 N Chestnut St  
Danny's Hair Studio 704 Hamilton Drive 493-8310
Dean's Superior Blueprint 404 E University 359-3261
Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant 1407 N Prospect Ave 351-6879
Durst Cycle & Fitness 1201 S Mattis Ave 352-3300
El Desmadre (Fiesta Cafe's other place) -- CLOSED 625 E Green St
El Torero (restaurant) 2312 W Springfield Ave 351-7024
El Toro II (restaurant) 1805 S Neil 378-7807
Emerald City Lounge 118 N First St 398-8661
Escobar's (Nuevo Latino Cuisine) 6 E Columbia Ave 352-7467
Esquire Lounge 106 N Walnut 398-5858
Exile on Main Street (CDs, DVDs, Games) 100 N Chestnut St 398-MAIN
Farron's (Great food and Bar) 308 N Randolph 359-6977
Fiesta Café (Mexican Food) 216 S First St 352-5902
Finish Point (photo processing, film transfer, etc) 1705 W Kirby 356-1914
Fleurish (Flower shop) 122 N. Walnut 607-0015
Fuad’s (Hair Design) 503 S First 356-0400
Furniture Lounge (Cool used funiture and stuff) 11 E University 352-5150
Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan 313 North Mattis 359-1212
Ginza & Co (closed) 315 E University Ave  
Glass F/X (Stained Glass) 202 S First 359-0048
Good Vibes (Audio/Video Equipment) 1501 N Prospect 351-0909
Great Impasta (restaurant) (now in Urbana)  
Guido's Bar + Grill 2 Main Street 359-3148
Herriotts Columbia Street Roastery 24 Columbia St 352-9713
Highdive (tavern/live music) 51 E Main St 256-2337
Home of Gourmet (Chinese/Thai food) 604 E Daniel 344-7483
Homeworks (Habitat for Humanity) - Home Improvement Resale Store
40 E University 355-6460
Hubers (tavern) 1312 W Church 352-0606
Indi Go (artist co-op) 9 E University Ave  
Ippatsu Salon 122 N Neil St 356-6547
Jackson's Ribs 'n Tips (closed) 116 N First St  
Jane Addams Book Shop 208 N Neil St 356-2555
Jarlings Custard Cup 309 W Kirby 352-2273
Jennifer North (women's clothing) 1705 W Kirby (Old Farm) 363-5001
Jerusalem Middle Eastern Cuisine 601 South Wright 398-9022
JJ's Luggage & Shoe Repair & Sales 109 S Walnut St 352-0111
Jupiter’s Pizzeria & Billiards 39 E Main St 398-5988
Jurassic Grill 404 E Green St 954-1871
Kamakura Restaurant 715 S Neil St 351-4332l
Kane & Co (Hair Salon & Spa) 41 E University 359-2424
Ko Fusion 1 E Main Street
L & L Travel 1 E Main Street 344-6001
Layalina Mediterranean Grill 401 S First St 607-5455
Le Shoppe 110 E University 398-1520
Lil Porgy’s Bar-B-Que 1917 W Springfield Ave 398-6811
Living Yoga Center 212 S First St 351-8359
Lix Clothing and Accesories 22 E Springfield 328-5455
Maize (Mexican Restaurant) 60 E Green Street 355-6400
Manzella’s Italian Patio (restaurant) 115 S First St 352-7624
Margaritas (Mexican Restaurant) 2821B W Kirby 398-9283
Merry Ann’s Diner 1510 South Neil Street 352-5399
Merry Ann's Diner (Downtown) 1 Main Street
Mike’n’ Molly’s (tavern/live music) 105 N Market St 355-1236
Mojos (Posters, T-shirts, etc) 515 E Green
Murphy’s Pub 604 E Green 352-7275
My Salon (Hair and nails) 907 Arrow Road 359-8310
Needleworks, Inc 24 E Green #5 352-1340
Old Main Book Shoppe (closed) 116 N Walnut  
Old Orchard Lanes (bowling) 901 N Dunlap (Savoy) 359-5281
Old Vic Art Gallery 11 East University 355-8338
One World Pizza 508 E Green Street 344-4000
Original Pancake House (this is a chain but it's locally owned and a favorite) 1909 W Springfield 352-8866
Pages for All Ages (closed) 1201 Savoy Plaza Lane (Savoy) 351-7243
Papa Del’s Pizza 206 E Green 359-7700
Pekara (Bakery) 116 N Neil St
Peking Garden (Chinese Food) 206 N Randolph 355-8888
Piccadilly Beverage Shops 5 locations in Champaign  
Picture Perfect Sound 2909 W Springfield 351-6980
Plant Mode 11 E University  
Pogo Studios (recording studio) 35 Taylor 351-8155
Po-Boy’s Bar-B-Que (closed) 58 E Columbia Ave  
Premiere Sound & Design 1104 N Prospect 355-5300
Preservation and Conservation Association
Radio Maria (restaurant) 119 N Walnut St 398-7729
Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant 912 W Bloomington Rd 355-2060
Record Swap 114 E University 367-7927
Rick Orr Florist 122 N Walnut St 351-9299
Rubens Chocolate Inc 121 W Church St 355-3064
Sakanaya Restaurant 403 E Green St 344-1400
Sam’s Café 115 N Walnut St 352-7102
Sea Boat (fish/chicken sandwiches/dinners) 403 W Kirby 351-6209
Stone Baked Pizzaria (formerly Bonnie Jean’s) 901 S 4th Street 903-4717
Shouting Ground Technologies (Internet Services) 105 S Walnut Street 351-7921
Skins-n-Tins Drum Shop 29 East Main St 352-3786
Smith Design & Consign 41 E University 355-7610
Sodo Theatre 114 S Neil St  
Spirit Screenprinting 30 East Green Street Ste #3 351-2918
Spoon House (Korean Restaurant) 616 E Green Street 344-3483
Sun Singer Wine & Spirits 1115 West Windsor 351-1115
Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade gifts) 105 North Walnut 352-8200
Thara Thai 912 1/2 W Bloomington Rd 378-1986
That’s Rentertainment (DVD/BluRay rentals) 516 East John Street 384-0977
UpClose Printing (marketing and printing services) 120 West White Street 359-3200
Viginia Theatre 203 W Park 356-9063
Walnut Street Tea Company 115 South Walnut 351-6975
Weiskamp Screenprinting 312 S Neil 398-8428
White Horse Inn 510 E John Street 328-2865
Wonderdog (closed) 603 South Wright
World Harvest International & Gourmet Foods 519 East University Ave 356-4444
Y Eatery (Thai food) 1001 S Wright (in the University YMCA) 344-5040
Ye Olde Donut Shop (and Ye Olde BBQ) 60 East Green 359-3311
Zorba’s (Greek food) 627 East Green 344-0710
Food trucks (we need lots more of these!)
Candide Roasteries (coffee) (closed)  
Cracked (breakfast sandwiches)    
Crave Truck (waffles) (closed)  
Derald's Catering Truck (breakfast/lunch)   637-0144
Dragon Fire Pizza   649-2433
The Empanadas House    
Hawaiian Ice    
Hendrick House Food Truck    
Pandamonium Doughnuts    
Piato To Go    
Taco Motorizado (Mas Amigos)    
Out of Town but close -- within 30 miles or so...
Avon Theatre 426 N. Water, Decatur 422-8151
Bayern Stube-Gasthof (German Restaurant) 209 N Sangamon, Gibson City 784-8304
Beef House (Steak House) just off I-74 in Covington, IN (765) 793-3947
Brown Bag (Sandwiches, salads, etc) 212 W Washington, Monticello 762-9221
Garlic Press 108 North Street, Normal
Harvest Moon Drive-In Gibson City 784-8770
The Heron (“A Distinctive Downtown Supper Club") 34 North Vermilion Danville 446-8330
Lorraine Theatre Downtown Hoopston
Main Street Pub 113 W Main, Monticello 762-9414
Normal Theatre Downtown Normal
The Philo Tavern (in Philo)
Pink House (Tavern) 49 & 150, Ogden 582-2424
Prairie Fire Glass 217 W Washington, Monticello 762-3332
Prairie Fruits Farm (Goat Cheese and more) (get directions from their web site) 643-2314
Princess Theatre Leroy
Sadorus Grill (Tavern/restaurant) Sadorus
Sleepy Creek Vineyards 8254 E 1425 North Road, Fairmount 733-0330
R.I.P.: Some local businesses have (sadly) gone out of business. Here are a few that I will miss: Acres of Books, Bubby's & Zadies, Coslow's, Daily Grind, Deluxe Billiards (and their awesome fish sandwich), Dom's Patio Villa, Elite Diner, Horizan Books, The Jolly Roger (my first job), Katsinas, Lamplighter, Little Professor Book Store, Mabel's, Nature's Table, Pages for All Ages, The Pop Shop, Record Service, Schrumpf's Grocery (where we are now), (the cafe at) Strawberry Fields, Treno's, Trito's Uptown, Village Green Records, Wonderdog and that cool bookstore that used to be in the basement of the University YMCA on Wright Street romantically called "The Used Book Store". (NOTE: I just heard from Robert, the man who opened "The Used Book Store" in 1971. He started it with a $50 grant from the U of I Student Senate. Very cool.)
TIME TRAVEL: I found this old map of campustown that I made back in 1986 -- have a look.
NOTE: This is not a complete list. If you know of additions (or, unfortunately, subtractions) please e-mail me. I have only listed locally owned non-franchise businesses. Please support your locally owned businesses wherever you are.
Independent Media, Blogs and websites of local interest...  
The Buzz Magazine (part of the DaiIy Illini) "Champaign-Urbana's community magazine" "Where CU moms meet"
Champaign Pundit  
Champaign-Taste "Cooking and eating in Central-Illinois"
C-U Collective Champaign-Urbana's DIY music scene
Green Observer U of I's only environmental publication
Independent Media Center  
Innocent Words Magazine + Music
More Champaign Taste Recipes, Restaurant Reports, Special Events
Opening Bands  
Public-I Published by the UC-IMC
Smile Politely A Champaign Urbana Culture Blog
Sulking in Illinois  
Urbana's Market at the Square Blog Fresh Produce, meat, dairy products, plants, etc. It's good stuff!!!
WEFT Community Radio since 1981
WILL - AM/FM/TV Illinois Pubic Media
WRFU-LP Radio Free Urbana
Other Useful Urbana-Champaign Links...
40 North 88 West (Arts Council)
Big.Small.All.ChampaignCounty (a project to build a vision of Champaign County's future)
Champaign Center Partnership (Downtown, Midtown and Campustown)
Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Champaign Park District
Champaign County Chamber or Commerce
Lincoln Square Village
Urbana Business Association
Urbana Park District
WUNA (West Urbana Neighborhood Association)
More Miscellaneous Stuff...
WalmartWatch - In Spring 2005, Wal-Mart Watch began its nationwide public education campaign to challenge the world’s largest retailer to become a better employer, neighbor, and corporate citizen.
Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price premiered on November 13th, 2005 at various independent venues (including meeting halls, coffee shops, book stores, etc) all over the country. Locally there were at least half a dozen screenings including one at the University YMCA and another at Rentertainment. (more)
Local Harvest - The best organic food is what's grown closest to you. Use the Local Harvest website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
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