516 E John Street, Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 384-0977
Hello and thank you so much for helping us with this project! Our hope is to get rid of the boring posters in our windows and throughout the store and replace them with exciting posters that actually serve a purpose (other than to promote a generally less than worthwhile movie).
Current places for posters (all these are 27" x 40"):
4x - John Street windows
3x - 6th Street windows
1x - front extrance windows
2x - front entry way
2x - center counter section
2x - right side counter
2x - center of store

... and some random sized posters:
1x - office door (anywhere from 27" x 40" to 32" x 72" or so)
2x - windows above counter area (17" x 61")

... and a few other places we have informational posters:
1x - drop box window
1x - left side of main entry
1x - left side of New Release wall (currently the Kino poster)
Also, maybe we should make a brochure (maybe letter sized sheet tri-folded) with information about the project and suggested ways to be involved (supporting not for profits, shopping locally, recycling, etc) and a smaller poster for the window to the right of the door with similar information.
Click here for a list of some of the things we care about.
Click here for pictures of the store.
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