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Tournées French Film Festival 2006
University of Illinois & Parkland College (with Boardman’s Art Theatre)
October 13-19, 2006
Critic Quotes
Little Jerusalem

Beautifully played by Valette and Zylberstein, and directed with amazing grace by Albou, this touching film offers a respectful, fascinating look at a community that’s ignored as often as it’s misunderstood. –Ken Fox, TV Guide

Philosophy and religion become entangled with love and sex in Karin Albou’s intelligent, sensual drama. –Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

An absorbing tale of coming of age in a multi-ethnic Paris suburb. –Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

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Can a misguided adult start afresh with a new set of values and priorities? This ambitious drama, directed by one of France’s most resourceful filmmakers, explores that crucial question in depth and detail. –David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

A superb effort by a first-rank director, and manna from heaven for [Maggie] Cheung fans. –Glenn Kenny, Premiere

[Maggie] Cheung is one of the finest actresses working today, an expressive, lustrous beauty capable of plumbing a boundless range of emotional hues. This is the greatest performance she’s given to date. –Stephanie Zacharaek, Salon.com

Beautifully shot and cut, written with a visceral aversion to cliché, deftly skirting sentimentality, sensationalism and simplicity, it continually surprises, engages and satisfies. –Shawn Levy, Portland Oregonian

[Nick] Nolte brings this movie a piece of his heart, and grants us peace. –Michael Sragow, Baltimore Sun

The emotional truthfulness of Clean enters into our bloodstreams with its muted vigor, and we find ourselves getting hooked by this tale of getting unhooked. –Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

Clean is above all a movie about making peace with uncertainty and doubt and living with the aftershocks of the choices we make. No the easiest task, but it may be what redeems us in the end. –Jessica Reaves, Chicago Tribune

Hitting the ground in his ultra-naturalistic mode, Assayas only uncages his star's formidable smile once or twice and never demands our empathy, making Clean a uniquely pungent portrait of dependent personalities and the strain they put on the social weave. –Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

(Clean press kit)
(Clean quote sheet)


It makes you want to sample every vintage it shows you. – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Consistently fascinating material provides an uncommonly eloquent, provocative statement against globalization that's sure to stimulate thinking audiences. –David Rooney, Variety

An entertaining film that is neither stuffy nor pretentious. –Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

This cagey and compelling documentary looks at the world of wine, but it's actually a nuanced, provocative piece of journalism about globalization and its discontents. –Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

It's such a knowledgeable work and so pleasantly obsessed with its subject that it will interest even audiences whose attraction to wine is only casual. – Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

(Mondovino press kit)

Far Side of the Moon

An achingly eloquent rumination. – Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

Reworking his own raw material, Lepage spins a rich, moving film that acknowledges humanity's power to break out of Earth's daily gravity; in the process, he leaves audiences floating. –Mark Peranson, Village Voice

A master class on turning a talky, one-man play into a visual delight. V.A. Musetto, New York Post

Its cosmos of ideas hangs weightless. –J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

(Far Side of the Moon press kit)

Kings and Queen

With all his artifice, his prodigious narrative risks and seemingly undisciplined mélange of styles and tones, Desplechin has made a film that feels more like real life than anything I've seen in years, from any source. It's a masterpiece. –Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

Kings and Queen, full of passion and humor, madness and grief, is close to a masterpiece. It's like life: messy, impossible, elating, unavoidable. –Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

Desplechin fearlessly dives into raw, bitter revelations and surfaces with hope as our heroes try again to get it right. –Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Gripping, highly original. –Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

Arnaud Desplechin's best movie to date. –Jim Healy, Chicago Reader

This extravagant family melodrama, one of the highlights of last year's New York Film Festival...never lags, so moment-to-moment enthralling are Desplechin's narrative gambits, as well as his reckless eccentricity. –J. Hobertman, Village Voice

[Desplechin] gives these characters the time to develop, to display their nuances, to establish their relationships with each other, to talk out their destinies. –Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

The film is a tower of literary and cinematic references, tangential yet somehow essential characters, and one fantastic performance after another. It's a simple movie yet is anything but. –Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

A... cinematic novel full of hate, love, murder, ghosts, madness, poetry and Catherine Deneuve. –Kyle Smith, New York Post

It is well-acted and written with a rigorous effort to skirt cliché, and it has the savor of real life throughout. –Shawn Levy, Portland Oregonian

(Kings and Queen press kit)

Wild Side

Unfolds in terse, compelling fashion with ravishing camerawork by Agnès Godard. –Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Though Lifshitz's attitude toward sex and sexuality ranks among the most progressive in contemporary movies, he doesn't belabor it; seen through his eyes, Wild Side is a love story in which love is unrestrained by matters of gender or sexual orientation or even the number of lovers. –Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

Stony and statuesque, Michelini is an excellent casting choice: Her impassive face and dispassionate voice serve as a carefully constructed protective mask that hides her pain, and which she rarely lets slip. –Ken Fox, TV Guide

Lifshitz successfully maneuvers his trio of outcasts toward a state of grace: His vision of misfit utopianism, in its own quiet way, is as defiant as anything in Fassbinder. –Denis Lim, Village Voice

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