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On October 5th, Jill and I headed to Avignon, France via Paris to visit Tera (Jill's sister). Jill and Tera's mother (Janet) was also there for the first week. Tera was on a six week sabbatical from work and was staying just outside Malaucene on a farm called La Ferme Saint Jean (owned by the most charming Roland and Marie-Paule). The farm consists of two houses, vinyards (with a wine making "cave"), olive trees and an ancient Roman chapel in the back yard. We spent the first week there. For the second week we headed up to Paris via Colmar. I've loaded a few pictures (using my not so good Photoshop skills) onto my website if you are interested in veiwing them...

1) Pictures of La Ferme St Jean just outside Malaucene (where we stayed in Provence)
2) Miscellaneous pictures from Provence
3) Miscellaneous pictures from the Rest of France
3) Big Dinner #1 at Restaurant Au Fil du Tempes in Pernes-les-Fountaines
4) Big Dinner #2 at Restaurant Saint Hubert in Entrechaux
5) Big Dinner #3 at Roland and Marie-Paule's house
6) Big Dinner #4 at Restaurant l'Acienne Poste in Entrechaux
7) Big Dinner #5 at Restaurant Roger Hassenforder in Kaysersberg
8) Big Dinner #6 in Trivy
9) Really rough notes on where we've been and what we've done