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Doctor Who DVDs currently available at That’s Rentertainment

The Key to Time: The Complete Adventure (Tom Baker, 4th Doctor) encompasses one of the more ambitious chapters in the history of the long-running BBC television series Doctor Who, and its landmark status, combined with the presence of the well-loved Tom Baker in the title role, should make this six-disc boxed set irresistible to Who fans. The 26-episode series was conceived by producer Graham Williams, who was intrigued by the idea of a season-long story arc, and after several setbacks he finally achieved it in 1978-79 for the program's 16th season. In The Key to Time, the Doctor and his new companion, the elegant and sharp-witted Time Lady Romana (Mary Tamm) are dispatched by the White Guardian to recover the six segments of the Key of Time, a powerful device with the ability to stop time. The Doctor and Romana must travel the universe to find the hidden segments before the nefarious Black Guardian discovers them. Their adventures bring them in contact with a host of unusual personalities and, in a time-honored Doctor Who tradition, a number of terrifying monsters.

Unlike the other Doctor Who DVDs from BBC America, The Key to Time: The Complete Adventure is debuting in North America rather than the United Kingdom, the reason being that the Baker serials have proven more popular with American audiences. And while offering somewhat fewer supplemental features than the previous releases, the boxed set is a rare opportunity to own an entire season of Doctor Who at one time. For fans of the series and Baker in particular, The Key to Time: The Complete Adventure is a must-have. --Paul Gaita (

The Key to Time Series
The Ribos Operation (episode #24)
The Pirate Planet (episode #25)
The Stones of Blood (episode #26)
Androids of Tara (episode #27)
Power of Kroll (episode #28)
The Armageddon Factor (episode #29)

1st Doctor/#06 - Doctor Who: The Aztecs
2nd Doctor/#08 - Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen
3rd Doctor/#01 - Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space
3rd Doctor/#02 - Doctor Who: and the Silurians
4th Doctor/#16 - Doctor Who: Robots of Death
4th Doctor/#24 - Doctor Who: Ribos Operation
4th Doctor/#25 - Doctor Who: Pirate Planet
4th Doctor/#26 - Doctor Who: Stones of Blood
4th Doctor/#28 - Doctor Who: Power of the Kroll
4th Doctor/#29 - Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor
5th Doctor/#13 - Doctor Who: Five Doctors
5th Doctor/#20 - Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani
6th Doctor/#03 - Doctor Who: Vengence on Varos
Doctor Who: And the Daleks (BBC Movie)
Doctor Who: Dalekmania
Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion Earth...
Doctor Who: Ghost Light
Doctor Who: Green Death
Doctor Who: Leisure Hive
Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death
Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
Doctor Who: The Visitation

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