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Closing Sale - Frequently Asked Questions...
Note: I will update this page as more common questions are asked an/or we come up with more solid plan of how the sale will proceed.

Some basic stuff
• We'll keep getting new releases through the end of June and probably most of the bigger titles through July.
• We will continue renting films through the end of July.
• We will start selling off our inventory on Monday, June 15th at 11:00am.
• Rather than price each film individually, we'll set a price (which will lower regularly) and sell everything at that price. A few box sets will be pulled and priced individually.
• If you have a block, use what you can/want between now and the end of July. Starting August 1st, we'll buy back any remaining block rentals.

• We'll start the sale selling everything at $19.95/ea and lower the price regularly through the Summer.
• We'll pull some collectables and box sets and price them individually.
• For at least the first month, we will not do any bulk discounts.

• We will be renting films through the end of July. Starting August 1st, if you have rentals left on your block, we will buy them back from you.
• You can use block rentals (whatever value each of your rentals has) towards purchase of films.
• If you run out of blocks and want to keep renting feel free to buy another block. We'll buy back unused rentals starting August 1st.

• We will be selling empty slim DVD cases (7mm) -- 10/$1.00
• We will not be selling our DVD cleaner (DiscChek EcoSmart)

• We will be selling all the DVD shelving
• We will be selling the media drawers (made by Can-Am) but not until at least the beginning of July. We have 4-drawer, 3-drawer and 2-drawer units.

• We will be selling most of the posters, action figures, lunch boxes and misc stuff that's accumlated in the store. Probably not in the first week but soon thereafter.
• Items will be priced individually.
• We have boxes and boxes of stuff which we'll bring out and sell as time allows.

Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I call and reserve films?
A: Nope, sorry -- that just wouldn't be fair to anyone else.

Q: Can you mail me the DVDs that I want?
A: I'm afraid things are going to be chaotic enough without packing and shipping DVDs. For now, you must be present to purchase. I'll be sure to let folks know if/when that changes.


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