1933 TDF
Tour De France Campagnolo FB Gnutti Paris Roubaix 1933
(note: FB is Fratelli Brivio -- the subcontractor that Campagnolo used in manufacturing parts)
  • Frame: Rare antique 1933 Tour De France U. Sargoni - Bologna Racing Bike - ca. 58cm
  • Derailleur: Campagnolo pre-generation of Paris-Roubaix rear derailleur 1933
  • Hubs: Campagnolo FB Gnutti Brevete (1933) 
  • Crankset: Campagnolo FB Gnutti
  • Cassette: Campagnolo FB G. Caimi Castano Super Sport 3 Speed
  • Brakes: Balilla brake calipers
  • Seat: Record leather
  • Pedals: Lyotard with Christophe pedal toe clips
  • Bottom Bracket: Magistroni
  • Headset: unknown
  • Seatpost: unknown
  • Levers: unknown
  • Handlebars: unknown

Prehistoric 1933 version of the later better known Paris Roubaix derailleur:1933 Tulio Campagnolo is producing in the backroom of his fathers store, three years later after patenting it, the first pre-generation of the Paris Roubaix version, in contrast to the later version, it surrounds the chain all the way arround like an arm and is not signed like its later version paris roubaix, it is believed according to the Campagnolo Museum that only about 40 of these pre generation Paris Roubaix derailleurs have been manufactured, probably all of them by the master innovator himself, Tulio Campagnolo.

The connection of F.B .and Campagnolo was historically, a very short one. I do not know myself what FB stands for however, the Cassette is signed FB in its middle center ring.

The rear hub has an early Campagnolo bird logo which was used for Campagnolo Gnutti. Probably the rarest Campagnolo hub in the world is the Campagnolo Gnutti FB hub, not even the Campagnolo Museum in Vizenca was able to release any information on how many hubs have been released of this version. In contrast to the prehistoric Paris-Roubaix derailleur not even an estimation was presented however confirmed by the secretary that very few were manufactured. According to the Campagnolo museum it represents a partnership between Tulio Campagnolo and one of his early investors.

The Campagnolo Gnutti FB Crankset was made in a set with the hubs in an era, where Tulio Campagnolo did not even have any other components manufactured than hubs, crankset, cassette and the pre-derailleur version. The Campagnolo Gnutti FB Crankset can be identified by its logo with the extremly rare bird. According to the Campagnolo Vizenca Museum, no information is given if it was manufactured by Tulio Campagnolo himself, one of his first workers, or any other source with Tulio Campagnolo's permission. This Campagnolo Gnutti FB crankset is just as all other 1933 Campagnolo components presented in detail.

According to the Campagnolo Vizenca museum, Tulio tried to market his first self-made components in 1932-1933 with his partners on the Tour De France but had no success at the beginning even though these days the Tour de France was much less commercialized. This bike was intended to be but has never been ridden in a race. All the information above is provided in an interview early 2002 with the Campagnolo Vizenca museum. None of the experts had full details about the history of the components.

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Paris Roubeaux

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