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Welcome to Roger Ebert's Film Festival


Every year since 1999, Urbana-Champaign has been the fortunate host of Roger Ebert's Film Festival (formerly "Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival") -- known around these parts simply as "Ebertfest". For years, Mr Ebert (or simply "Roger", as many local have grown custom to calling him) chooses a dozen or so films he feels are "overlooked" in one way or another (and he is the first to state that he "can define any film as 'overlooked' if (he) wants to show it badly enough") and shows them at the beautifully restored Virginia Theatre. There is often an epic 70mm film (Lawrence of Arabia, 2001: A space Odyssey, Patton, Playtime, etc), a silent film (Battleship Potemkin, Nosferatu, Metropolis, etc) and a musical (Singin' in the Rain, Oklahoma!, etc). Otherwise it's a mish mash of films -- all of which are great. I would personally like to thank Roger Ebert and everyone involved in bringing this festival to life every year. Ebertfest is just another thing that makes living in Urbana-Champaign great!!!
Official Ebertfest web site
I Am Love
Leaves of Grass
My Dog Tulip
Umberto D

2015: The 17th Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival
A Bronx Tale -- DVD/BR
The End of the Tour -- not available
Girlhood -- DVD/BR
Goodbye to Language -- DVD/BR
Ida -- DVD/BR
The Motel Life -- DVD/BR
Moving Midway -- DVD
99 Homes -- not available
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence -- not available
Seymour: An Introduction -- not available
The Son of the Sheik -- DVD
Wild Tales -- not available

2014: The 16th Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival
Bayou Maharajah (2013) -- not available
Born on the Fourth of July (1989) -- DVD/BR
Capote (2005) -- DVD/BR
Do the Right Thing (1989) -- DVD/BR
Goodbye Solo (2008) -- DVD
He Who Gets Slapped (1924) -- DVD
Life Itself (2014) -- DVD/BR
Museum Hours (2012) -- DVD/BR
Short Term 12 (2013) -- DVD/BR
A Simple Life -- DVD/BR
The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three (1974) -- DVD/BR
Wadjda (2012) -- DVD/BR
Young Adult (2011) -- DVD/BR

2013: The 15th Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival
Ballad of Narayama (1958) -- DVD/BR (Criterion)
Bernie (2012) -- DVD/BR
Blancanieves (2012) -- DVD/BR
Days of Heaven (1978) -- DVD/BR (Criterion)
Escape from Tomorrow (2013) -- DVD
In the Family (2012) -- DVD/BR
Julia (2009) -- DVD
Kumare (2012) -- DVD
Not Yet Begun to Fight (2012) -- not available
Oslo, August 31st (2012) -- DVD
Spectacular Now (2013) -- DVD/BR
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh (1989) -- DVD

2012: The 14th Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival
A Separation (2011, PG-13; 123 min) -- DVD/BR
Big Fan (R; 88 min) -- DVD
Citizen Kane (PG; 119 min) -- DVD/BR
Higher Ground (R; 109 min) -- DVD/BR
Joe Versus the Volcano (PG; 94 min) -- DVD
Kind Hearts and Coronets (110 min) -- DVD/BR (Criterion)
Kinyarwanda (96 min) -- DVD
On Borrowed Time (87 min) -- DVD
Patang (The Kite) (92 min) -- DVD
Phunny Business: A Black Comedy (84 min) -- DVD
Take Shelter (R; 120 min) -- DVD/BR
Terri (R; 105 min) -- DVD/BR
The Truth About Beauty & Blogs (13 min) -- not available
Wild and Weird: The Alloy Orchestra Plays 10 Fascinating and Innovative Films 1906-1926 (PG: 80 min) -- not available

2011: The 13th Annual Roger Ebert Film Festival
45365 (2010) -- not available
I Am Love (2010) -- DVD/BR
Leaves of Grass (2010) -- DVD/BR
Life, Above All (2010) -- DVD/BR
Louder Than Bombs (2010) -- DVD
Me & Orson Welles (2009) -- DVD
Metropolis (1927) -- DVD/BR
My Dog Tulip (2010) -- DVD
Natural Selection (2011) -- not available
Only You (1994) -- DVD
A Small Act (2010) -- DVD
Tiny Furniture (2010) -- DVD/BR (Criterion)
Umberto D (1952) -- DVD

2010: The 12th Annual Roger Ebert Film Festival
Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) -- DVD
You, The Living (2007) -- DVD
Munyurangabo (2007) -- DVD
The New Age (1994) -- not available
Apocalypse Now/Redux (1979) -- DVD/BR
Departures (2008) -- DVD
Man with a Movie Camera(1929) -- DVD
Synecdoche, New York (2008) -- DVD/BR
I Capture the Castle (2003) -- DVD
Vincent: A Life in Color (2008) -- not available
Trucker (2008) -- DVD
Barfly (1987) -- out of print
Song Sung Blue (2008) -- not available

2009: The Eleventh Annual Roger Ebert's Film Festival
Woodstock (1970) -- DVD/BR
My Winnipeg (2007) -- DVD
Chop Shop (2007) -- DVD
Trouble the Water (2008) -- DVD
Begging Naked -- not available
The Last Command (1928) (DVD -- as part of Criterions's Three Silent Classics By Josef Von Sternberg set)
Frozen River (2008) -- DVD/BR
The Fall (2006) -- DVD/BR
Sita Sings the Blues (2008) -- DVD (free download available from
Nothing but the Truth (2008) -- DVD/BR
Let the Right One In (2008) -- DVD/BR
Baraka (1992) -- DVD/BR
2008: The Tenth Annual Robert Ebert's Film Festival
The Band's Visit (DVD)
Canvas (DVD)
The Cell
Delirious (DVD)
Hamlet (DVD)
(not available)
Hulk (DVD)
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
(Criterion DVD)
The Real Dirt on Farmer John (DVD)
Romance & Cigarettes (DVD)
Shotgun Stories
(1927) (DVD -- as part of Criterions's Three Silent Classics By Josef Von Sternberg set)
2007: The Ninth Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival (see Message From Roger)
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (DVD)
Come Early Morning (DVD)
La Dolce Vita (DVD)
Freddie Mercury, the Untold Story
(not available)
Gattaca (DVD)
Holes (DVD)
Man of Flowers (DVD)
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Sadie Thompson (DVD)
Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (DVD)
Stroszek (DVD)
The Weather Man (DVD)
(Here is the Official 2007 Ebertfest blog)
2006: The Eighth Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Bad Santa (DVD)
Claire Dolan (DVD)
Duane Hopwood (DVD)
The Eagle (DVD)
Junebug (DVD)
Man Push Cart (DVD)
Millions (DVD)
My Fair Lady (DVD)
Ripley's Game (DVD)
Somebodies (not available)
Spartan (DVD)
U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha (DVD)
2005: The Seventh Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Playtime (Criterion DVD)
Murderball (DVD)
The Saddest Music in the World (DVD)
The Heart of the World (DVD) (on the "Twilight of the Ice Nymphs" DVD)
After Dark, My Sweet (DVD)
Yesterday (DVD)
The Phantom of the Opera (1925) (DVD)
Baadassss! (DVD)
The Secret of Roan Inish (DVD)
Primer (DVD)
Map of the Human Heart (DVD)
Me and You and Everyone We Know (DVD)
Taal (DVD)
2004: The Sixth Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Lawrence of Arabia (DVD)
Tarnation (DVD)
The Son (DVD)
Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored (DVD)
Tully (DVD)
The General (DVD)
The Scapegoat -- a short film by Darren Ng (not available)
El Norte (Criterion DVD)
My Dog Skip (DVD)
Gates of Heaven (DVD)
People I Know (DVD)
Invincible (DVD)
Louie Bluie (Criterion DVD)
Sweet Old Song (DVD)
2003: The Fifth Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
The Right Stuff (DVD)
Stone Reader (DVD)
The Grey Automobile (not currently available)
Your Friends and Neighbors (DVD)
Blood and Wine (DVD)
Medium Cool (DVD)
What’s Cooking? (DVD)
The Black Pirate (DVD)
L.627 (only available on PAL DVD)
The Golden Age of Silent Comedy (not currently available)
Shall We Dance? (DVD)
Charlotte Sometimes (DVD)
13 Conversations About One Thing (DVD)
Singin’ in the Rain (DVD)
2002: The Fourth Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Patton (DVD)
Innocence (DVD)
Grand Canyon (DVD)
Diamond Men (DVD)
Paperhouse (only available on PAL DVD)
Hyenas (DVD)
A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries (DVD)
Kwik Stop (DVD)
Metropolis (DVD)
Metropolis (anime) (DVD)
Two Women (DVD)
George Washington (Criterion DVD)
Say Amen, Somebody (DVD)
Wonder Boys (DVD)
2001: The Third Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Everyone Says I Love You (DVD)
Girl On the Bridge (1999) (DVD)
Jesus’ Son (DVD)
The King of Masks (DVD)
Maryam (DVD)
Nosferatu (1922) (DVD)
On the Ropes (DVD)
Panic (DVD)
Songs from the Second Floor (DVD)
A Simple Plan (DVD)
Such A Long Journey (DVD)
3 Women (DVD)
2001: A Space Odyssey (DVD)
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures (DVD)
2000: The Second Annual Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Sidewalk Stories (not currently available)
Grave of the Fireflies (DVD)
American Movie (DVD)
Legacy (DVD)
The Terrorist (DVD)
The Castle (DVD)
A Woman’s Tale (not currently available)
Children of Heaven (DVD)
The Last Laugh (DVD)
Dark City (DVD)
Oklahoma! (DVD)
Deja Vu (1997) (DVD)
1999: The First Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Dance Me to My Song (not currently available)
Autumn Tale (A Tale of Autumn) (only available on VHS and PAL DVD)
Surrender Dorothy (DVD)
Hamsun (DVD)
Maborosi (DVD)
Battleship Potemkin (DVD)
Household Saints (not currently available)
Shiloh (DVD)
Thirteen (1997) (not currently available)
Tron (DVD)
(click here for a list of Ebertfest films currently available at That's Rentertainment)
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