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That's Rentertainment is now CLOSED forever -- sorry.
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So, now what?
Although our store on campus is closed, we are still selling Red Green Gear, copying video tapes to DVD (more info here) and selling off the rest of our stock on Amazon (click on the "Products" tab here). The IttyBittyBikeShop has expanded beyond the tiny corner in Renter's entry way into a full-fledged retail store on Griggs Street in Urbana. And, Parasol Records continues to release and sell CDs by bands from all over the place. I'm sure we'll run into each other soon...
Sunday, August 16, 5:00pm
Friday, August 14 -- Jeff Bossert's piece, "Champaign's Renter Closing Its Doors", ran on WILL Radio this morning -- give it a listen. I must admit, it brought a tear (or two) to my eye...
Thursday, August 13 -- The end is near! Sunday, August 16th, will be Rentertainment's last official day of business. We'll be open from noon to 5:00 selling DVDs and BluRay discs, and then we'll start packing up, tearing down shelving and moving out.
Dr Strangelove
Wednesday, August 12 - Classical Record price drop! We're dropping the price on all the classical records to just $2/ea, multi-disc sets are just $3/set. I'm guessing we're down to about 1,000 LPs in the bins (and the bins below the bin). Since dropping the DVD and BR price to $3.95/ea yesterday, the opera, performing arts and classic musicals collection is shrinking rapidly, too. Better hurry in if there's something you're looking for. And, don't forget, 25% of the money from record sales will be going to WILL AM-FM-TV/Illinois Public Media!
Allegro no Troppo
Tuesday, August 11 - Price Drop 8: ...and the Mystery of Mew -- All DVDs and BluRays are now just $3.95/ea (unless otherwise marked, of course). Although we are still finalizing our exit plan, you can be sure the end is very near. More details in the next day or two. Judging from the shelves and drawers, it looks like about half our inventory in gone. On the bright side, that means there are still about 20,000 films in the store for you to dig through! Lots of bargains. And, at just $3.95 each, I imagine the selection will get slimmer by the hour...
Blade Runner
(older Sale Udates can be found here)
June 1, 1985 - June 1, 2015
Thirty years ago, when I started this business, I would have bet money Rentertainment wouldn't still be here today. Fast forward three decades, and Rentertainment and I are celebrating our 30th Anniversary! It's been a great run -- fabulous employees, amazing customers, tons of fun -- thank you all.
But now, as someone once said, "I'm ready to roll the end credits -- ready for the curtain call" -- it's time to do something else. As we firm up our plans to sell off Urbana-Champaign's very best collection of films, let me share with you some details of our transition:
• We'll keep getting new releases through the end of June.
• We will continue renting films through the end of July.
• We will start selling off our inventory on Monday, June 15th. Rather than price each film individually, we'll set a price (which will lower regularly) and sell everything at that price. A few box sets will be pulled and priced individually.
• If you have a block, use what you can/want between now and the end of July. Starting August 1st, we'll buy back any remaining block rentals.
More details to follow. Meanwhile, thanks again for a great three decades of That's Rentertainment!
Note: I have made a Closing Sale FAQ page to answer most of your questions.
That's Rentertainment Closing in the news:
The Daily Illini (June 8, 2015, Ben Lash)
The News-Gazette (June 2, 2015, Don Dodson)
Smile Politely (June 1, 2015, Tom Pauly)
(older Sale Udates can be found here)
Welcome Film Lovers...
Hello and welcome to That's Rentertainment -- the last locally owned and operated video store in the Champaign-Urbana / University of Illinois area. That's Rentertainment caters to film fans (and fanatics) who have grown tired of the typical Blockbuster fare. We specialize in International, independent, classic American and Art House films on DVD (with a handful of VHS tapes left over that have never been released on DVD). With almost 45,000 DVDs and just under 5,000 BluRay discs, That’s Rentertainment has the largest collection of movies in the entire Champaign-Urbana area -- if not all of Illinois. We get new movies every week -- if you want to be kept up to date about them sign up for our weekly e-mail update or check out our New Arrivals page. Membership is free (requiring only 2 photo IDs, or an ID and credit card) and rentals can be as cheap as $1.00 per disc. So, come on down and check out what you've been missing!
That's Rentertainment, Champaign, IL

Our Summer hours (starting Monday, May 18) are:
Monday - Thursday (11am - 8pm)
Friday (11am - 9pm)
Saturday (noon - 9pm)
Sunday (noon - 8pm)

This Week's New Release Message

Greetings everyone,

This week there was only one new title, and it will be the last title added to our inventory: Zaza Urushadze's "Tangerines" (2015, Estonia/Georgia -- and, the first Academy Award nomination for Estonia). I thought it might be appropriate to bring in one of our most requested but never before available on DVD titles, Penelope Spheeris' "The Decline of Western Civilization" (1981) as our final title, but everyone who's interested in seeing it should probably just own it (like I'm going to). Remember, there is still just over a week left to rent films... starting August 1st everything will be for sale only.

Price Drop 5: On the Road -- All DVDs and BluRays are now just $7.95/ea (unless otherwise marked, of course). I'm guessing there are about 28,000 titles left in the store. The international and classics sections seem to have been hit the hardest but there are still great titles left in each. The TV section is thinning a bit (remember, TV Series are sold by the season -- each season is just $7.95) and there are still a few hundred Criterion titles (but by the end of today, the BRs will be gone -- I'm taking them). If you've been waiting for the prices to drop to grab something, you'd probably better come in soon -- I think stuff will start flying out the door now...

I spoke with Jeff Bossert (from WILL Radio/TV) at length the other day about the demise of Rentertainment. He's working on a story focusing on the community aspect of stores like That's Rentertainment. In his words, "I’m wondering what Rentertainment spawned in terms of friendships/relationships, maybe groups that started meeting and watching foreign and smaller art films together..." He's spoken to a few Rentertainment employees and some customers but would love to chat with more long-time customers. Send him an email if you think you might have something to add:

Reminder: we are on our somewhat shorter Summer hours:
Monday - Thursday (11:00-8:00), Friday (11:00 - 9:00), Saturday (noon-9:00) and Sunday (noon - 8:00)

Have a great week...

Geoff (and all the other Rentertarians)

(for this week's complete new release listing and previous week's listings click here)
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International Video Transfers: That's Rentertainment can transfer your PAL VHS tapes and DVDs to NTSC video and DVD. We can also make DVDs from your home videos (VHS, 8mm or MiniDV). Click here for more information.
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